Adult Health Nursing

Adult health nursing is also one of the nursing field includes a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary to care for adult patients. Adult nurses must be trained to help patients with chronic physical illness and acute, within community and hospital environment. Adult nursing is a fulfilling profession, where nurses have a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people. There are many subspecialties in adult nursing, ranging from cardiac care to geriatrics and hospice care. Each and every health concerns of adults should be in an adult nurse’s knowledge and skill base. Nurses are working in clinics, private health care facilities, hospitals, hospices, or other health services. The growth trend for all registered nurses, including adult health professionals, indicates a growth rate between 19 per cent and 26 per cent higher than average by 2022. 

Some of the most common jobs in adult health nursing
•    Acute Settings Nurse
•    A&E Nurse
•    Theatre Nurse
•    Intensive Care Nurse
•    Nursing Home Nurse
•    Palliative Care Nurse
•    Practice Nurse
•    District Nurse
•    Cosmetic Nurse
•    Research Nurse
•    Nurse Assessor
•    Oncology Nurse