Family Nursing

Family Nursing is a nursing field that provides primary care for all patients of from infants to geriatric health. This nursing specialization deals with understanding people's experiences of health and illness within the context of their family. Family nurses often work with patients throughout their entire life cycle. This helps to foster a strong relationship between the health care provider and the patient. Nurses associate with families to make conditions that decrease and alleviate emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering from illness. Although FNPs have always been in demand, a recent shortage of family practice doctors has resulted in an upswing in FNPs taking on more primary care roles, especially in underserved communities. With a broad understanding of care across all ages, FNPs tend to have a meaningful sense of the overall health of the communities they serve, which can be invaluable to health care providers and community leaders in times of crisis. FNPs can have rewarding careers in a professional, personal and financial way.

FNP duties may include: 
•    Evaluation and diagnosis of health conditions
•    Perform routine physicals
•    Develop and implement treatment plans for acute and chronic diseases
•    Providing primary health care with a focus on preventive care
•    Prescribing medications and other therapies
•    Order and view clinical and other medical tests
•    Support in minor surgeries
•    Making appropriate referrals when necessary


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